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Anki - simple tools for making your own cards

This is a short follow-on post from my previous Anki post, based on some conversations I had about Anki after a short talk I gave on my workflow and card styles. I realised that I'd done a pretty bad job making the cards actually user-friendly. I decided to polish up and publish methods for people to generate their own Anki cards, in the styles of my previous post (i.e. spoiler tags, quote boxes, and code blocks with input fields). I've made two different methods available:

  • Creating your own Anki cards directly from the editor
  • Writing cards in Jupyter Notebooks (in markdown cells), and running a Python function in the same notebook to export them as decks

To see an explanation of how these methods work, see my GitHub page.

Below is a video showing how you can use these tools directly from the Anki editor.

(Note - you can't see it very clearly in this recording because it doesn't show the mouse, but I'm formatting things by highlighting them and pressing the buttons just above the Front field. Using keyboard shortcuts would also work - see the GitHub page instructions for more on this. Also, the spoiler tag flickering between visible and hidden near the start is because I'm moving my mouse over it.)